Below is a list of ThinkPad related website and resources.


A treasure trove of information on running ThinkPads, specifically on Linux.

  • Very searchable.
  • Detailed support articles with active links.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Constantly updated.


Buyers guides and pricing charts for ThinkPads

  • Laptop buyers guide for eBay shoppers.
  • ThinkPad Price Guide.
  • Very user friendly.
  • Constantly updated.

Withdrawn Book

Lenovo’s list of computers that are no longer support.

  • Lists model names.
  • Shows all factory configurations.
  • Lists all compatible accessories and FRUs.
  • Contains images.
  • Easy to search.
  • Constantly updated.

Support Page

Lenovo’s driver repository.

  • Lists drivers and other support software.
  • Includes relevant documentation including maintenance manuals.
  • Sites for both current generation and IBM (EOL) era ThinkPads.
  • Decent navigation to hard-to-find files.

McDonnell Technology Services

Detailed guides on specific models.

  • Incredibly comprehensive guides for select models of ThinkPad.
  • Covers software, hardware and usability in a modern context.
  • ThinkPad X220, ThinkPad X300, ThinkPad X301, ThinkPad T61, ThinkPad T400, ThinkPad T410, ThinkPad T420s, ThinkPad T430s




ThinkMods Store

Up and coming business focused on ThinkPad mods.

  • Highly connected to the ThinkPad community.
  • Focused on easy-to-use mods.
  • Sold as complete kits, no extra parts needed.
  • Originally crowd-funded.




Battery Guide

Lists battery types and compatibility for most newer models.

  • Lists most Lenovo made models.
  • Contains battery names pre and post Feb 2010.
  • Gives FRUs (part numbers) and other information.