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RSS Laptop Retrospective

  • Untitled July 18, 2024
    This #ThinkPadThursday, go back to the beginning with the full interview I did with Tom Hardy for the 30th anniversary of #ThinkPad. This includes 30+ minutes of additional stories that didn't make it into the original 4 videos.Share and enjoy!
  • Untitled July 12, 2024
    After a lot of dreaming and several days of working with some awesome people in very warm weather, the film space has been renovated! Come take a tour with me.
  • Untitled July 5, 2024
    For #ThinkPadThursday we have a P50 being set up to try and capture the HDMI output on the Skylight. Unfortunately it didn't work but the #ThinkPad workstation is what I reach for to do serious work.
  • Untitled June 28, 2024
    The 90s was a strange time for #PC #design and there was a lot of experimentation on what a PC should look like. David Hill recalls a trend called Cali-swooshy that many manufacturers followed. What are some designs you remember?
  • Untitled June 22, 2024
    Some of you will recognize the PS/2 L40 SX right away. Did you know there was nearly a black version that would have predated the first #ThinkPad? Come hear the story from my interview with Tom Hardy.