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RSS Laptop Retrospective

  • Untitled February 17, 2024
    Filmed three videos today and working on a larger one that will take a few revisions before it is ready. How are you spending your weekend?
  • Untitled February 11, 2024
    How do you carry your laptop? #ThinkPad
  • Untitled February 9, 2024
    This #ThinkPadThursday, let's take a quick look at a crazy set of specs, the Lenovo ThinkPad P15 G1. All #ThinkPad and all awesome! #LenovoIN
  • Untitled February 4, 2024
    Three years ago today, I bought the Lenovo #ThinkPad X1 Nano G1. It survived several trips, a water spillage and more. Still going strong.
  • Untitled February 4, 2024
    Filmed two videos and worked on another special video this weekend. Sorry for the lack of content this past month. I had so many plans and ideas and not enough time. Watch this space to be teased by what is coming next!