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RSS Laptop Retrospective

  • Untitled May 16, 2024
    For #ThinkPadThursday I'm enjoying this new book on Richard Sapper who had a huge influence on #ThinkPad. Kaz did an excellent job along with all the contributors. The detail on the back was a lovely surprise.
  • Untitled May 11, 2024
    So this is pretty exciting. I will be unboxing a computer that was never released.
  • Untitled May 11, 2024
    Today is a special day. The channel turns seven years old! I can't wait to show you what I have for you next.
  • Untitled May 11, 2024
    Another #ThinkPad P Series has shown up. This time it is a P15s G1.
  • Untitled May 8, 2024
    I took a quick look at Vobot's Mini Dock that combines a docking station, a clock and a small display.